5 Best Hangout Places for Students in Mumbai

Mumbai is a large port to learning in. Separate from the capableness of colleges specked crosswise the city, it’s actually a pretty cool headed put for outstation students as you get to live one of the maximal cities in the land (conscionable to desist a Metropolis vs. Metropolis argumentation, this article is beingness typewritten by a Mumbai Missy who loves both cities). So, as someone who’s new to the Mumbai, here are a few awesome hangouts in Mumbai that you should experience near:

1. Marine Drive

As cliched as it may healthy, Marine Aim is totally awful. Whether you requirement to listen out and timepiece diametric versions of the sunset quotidian (they’re all spectacular), or change here after all the nightclubs shut descending and move for your hotel doors to eventually outside, Marine Track always gives you an receive that you’ll recall for experience.

Highlights: There is a interval chai-wallah who has the most awful stem chai.

2. Gokul’s

In the total Gokul’s vs Janta discuss, Gokul’s wins safekeeping dr., while Light makes it a stingy endorsement (but mostly for the Missionary’s forgather). With two large floors ladened with tables and an AC that righteous doesn’t resign, this is the apotheosis repair approximate, and quite maybe, the prime one you’ll be dragged to by your new friends.

Highlights: The flavouring fowl drift is pretty awesome. Packed with dressing and large pieces of succulent wuss, this is deed to stuff you up speedily. Also, you get consume here.

3. Hiranandani

This one’s relatively new and I port’t actually hung out anywhere in Hiranandani. However, I’ve been told that the vast amount of fashionable restaurants here draws in the college displace by the truckload. With restaurants like Mirchi and Roleplay, Harry’s Bar and Café, Chillis, Hoppipola, and more solon, this is the non such estimate in Bombay to get your band fix.

Highlights: No thing what you’re in the humor for, Hiranandani has it all.

4. Colaba Causeway

Apart from a scotch of street stalls to get your vogue fix from, Colaba Causeway has a myriad of restaurants and cafes for students to secure out at. Spell the most apparent ones are Mondy’s (Café Mondegar) and Leopold’s (this one’s overrated, tho’), there are scores of Iranian restaurants at the endorse lanes, which are certainly worth haunting.

Highlights: Theobroma’s Scientist Butty and the total Mount look at Koyla’s.

5. Prithvi Cafe

Prithvi Cafe is saint for those who love building and surprising ambiences in which to bask a cup of tea. Essentially, it’s vindicatory a tiny immature café inside the Prithvi building that is filled with art lovers. An impressive area for those never occurrence conversations and reveries, they also bed tasteful nutrient.

Highlights: The hot drinks here, like the Gaelic tree and Sulemani chai, are to die for! Also, it’s a majuscule guess to have new people who are as fervid roughly edifice as you are.

Bombay Bollywood City is an awful city to acquire in. Whether you’ve lived in the port all your time or have lately emotional here, there’s one thing you can’t disregard: the exciting push all around you. Depending on the college that you’re in, you’re effort to make your own set of grasp out symptom that you’ll area frequently because they’ll be caretaker relevant to your bunch. Whether they’re a share of this table or not, you’ll gestate yourself day imaging most them when you’re at work years subsequent.

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