These 5 reasons broke WWE Wrestler, Three-time rape, Deception given by BF

These 5 reasons broke WWE Wrestler, Three-time rape, Deception given by BF

WWE Wrestler China was making a documentary on her life after the death of the director Eric Angra Imoshnli said China had been broken. They did not want to die, but were planning the future. I met him a few days before death. China was quite upset…

The April 21 China’s corpse was found in his apartment. Was repeatedly raped, got deceived in love…

  • China during the shooting of the documentary about his life were revealed surprising.
  • According to him, during a party in college with me raped by two footballers.
  • There Wrestler Sean Valtman boyfriend had cheated by China. He raped and drugged by feeding Valtman video was made.
  • Later that video has also been released, which sold nearly a million copies.
  • The Valtman these things falsely stating that he had shot the video with the consent of China and China were involved in profit from the sale of the video.

Triple H charges imposed on

  • China Life on the filming of American director Eric Angra were working with them over the past year.
  • China had said these things to the Angra. According to the Angra China was extremely fit physically, but Imoshnli were broken.
  • Her life had many deceptions. He was also left with loved ones. China itself admitted to taking drugs and alcoholic.
  • China wrestler Triple H was accused of slapping them on.

Wrestling with the porn industry

  • From 1997 to 2001, China had the most success and fame.
  • Drug addicts in the family, so from a young age he was addicted to drugs.
  • A reality show in 2007, he had revealed himself.
  • Wrestling after he stepped into the porn industry. China had done a photoshoot for Playboy magazine.
  • Between 2004 and 2013 he had nearly 6 Adult movies.

Reason 2: betrayals completely broke

China was the biggest regret is that they did the wrong thing by those who, he never considered it not. Wrestler are especially by their boyfriends. For this reason the image deteriorated. False things were written about them.

Reason 3: The father and sisters had left with

China’s relations with his family were not good. Wrestling and the porn industry before joining their family members from China, the talks had stalled for years. China was all alone at the last minute.

Reason 4: The father continued Miss

The last time China was sad that his father had poor relations. While shooting a documentary on his father’s grave was. The scene had to shoot, he was quite emotional.

Reason 5: a successful career, failed personal life

China wanted to get out of your past. Excluding the US who went to Japan for a few years. There he taught English. She was very hurt by the fact that due to their celebrity life was misrepresented by the media, and social media.

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