Bright destiny beauty Hemy Malini, the most popular bollywood Actresses: the struggle for love and happiness

In the record of the Actresses more than 150 pictures, but the cult still remains “Zita and Gita”, which brought Malini to international fame. Transmitting deep feelings of the heroines, Hema, they have experienced a personal drama. She had to hide the love of a married man, which, moreover, was a partner on the set.

The actress was born in a wealthy family. Her mother, an influential film producer, from childhood nurtured the baby abilities that are particularly valued in the Indian film industry. With four years she studied music, with a five – dance style Bharatanatyam. Malini success showed at an early age. At age 12 she won a dance contest and five years later she was invited to shoot the film “the Panda leaves this world”. Though the role was a cameo, abilities, and external data, girls did not go unnoticed. Give her one of the leading roles in the movie “the Seller of dreams”. Her partner was Raj Kapoor the most popular Indian actor.

In the film “Nobility,” Malini would work in tandem with Dharmendra. This Duo turned out to be so successful that they are increasingly being invited for the joint surveys. And while the actors played on the stage of feelings, in their hearts, ignited their own flame of love. But this Union was barely able to end with a wedding. The dharmendra was married, but his faith did not recognize divorce, and, especially of bigamy. Almost the only opportunity to stay close, had a job in the movie. The education of both did not allow even the hint of physical intimacy.

Soon the actors offered the main role in the film “Zita and Gita”. After the release, in 1972, the film received huge success, along with the career Hemy goes sharply uphill. Meanwhile, it begins to look Sajiv Kumar. He soon makes Malini offer and receive the approval of her parents. However, they ask to postpone the wedding until she’s done with filming and will be able to completely surrender to family life.

But Hema never stopped loving Dharmendra. This became known to her parents, are horrified trying to protect her daughter from scandal. Seeing this situation, the Dharmendra decides to change faith. After accepting Islam, he had the opportunity to marry again.

The lovers were married in 1979.

Oddly enough, Indian society has accepted the marriage of the actors. Later Dhamendra made a successful political career, although he continued from time to time to act in films.

For more than 40 years the couple are happily married. They have two beautiful daughters.

“He won’t stop looking at me like in our first meeting. I have no regrets” says Malini.

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