Doctors Surprised when an infant born with 2 heart 4 ears and limbs 4

Doctors Surprised when an infant born with 2 heart 4 ears and limbs 4

Rajkot (Gujarat) Kyhan a woman in the hospital, two hearts, two eyes, four ears, gave birth to a baby with four arms and four legs. However, the baby died soon after birth. In medical language, and it Parapagus Dicephalic Siamij baby or a child called conjoined Twins. 1 million children in a single pregnancy is…

  • According to doctors, if twins in the womb after conception in the womb of the partition should be two to three days.
  • “But in this case, even after two weeks of pregnancy division process yet to begin.”
  • “This process was prolonged, the two children’s bodies were fused together.”
  • Twins Siamij attached to the body parts are separated from the surgery. Surgery is expensive and complex.
  • Usually, such surgery has been smaller possibility succeed. This situation is similar to one in 1 million pregnancy.

What the doctor said?

  • According to the doctor, the child’s brain and part of the chest were connected.
  • “Two eyes, four ears, the baby with four arms and four legs was pre-mature baby, so life could not be saved.”
  • Sonography confirmed the baby was in the womb Siamij.
  • This information was already given to the mother and family. Delivery due to possible danger to the mother’s life was not normal. Therefore, the operation had to.

Why does this happen?

  • When a Fertilized egg is different in two Brant a like (identical) twins are born.
  • 8 to 12 weeks of pregnancy that occurs. But this time may be 13 to 15 weeks, these are not completely isolated and their organs develop in the womb seem to be in the same condition.

Sonography was known about the Siamij baby.

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