Emerald Gemstone (Panna Ratan) Facts and Benefits

Emerald gemstone is colored dark green. It is the gemstone for planet mercury. It is also known as emerald gem, green stone, emerald etc. It is called the third most beautiful gem after Diamond and Sapphire.

Facts of Emerald (Panna)

To check the purity of real emerald, rub the stone on wood and it becomes bright. Emerald is cold in nature. To check the purity, drop water on emerald and you will see it retain firm.

Emerald for Rashi

It is considered auspicious for the Gemini and Virgo people.

Benefits of Emerald

Emeralds are supposed to control temper and increase concentration of mind. It benefits people who are traders, economist, bankers and auditors. Emeralds are associated with the planet Mercury which corresponds to memory, education and intellect. The gemstone helps in increasing concentration and is very beneficial for students.

Health Benefits of Emerald

Emerald is believed to enhance male potency. It is also very beneficial for pregnant women and those suffering from asthma. It also helps to cure Epilepsy.

How to Wear Emerald

Astrologers believe that one must wear Emerald on Wednesday. As Emerald is the gemstone of Mercury planet then it is necessary to find out the position of mercury in one’s Birth horoscope (Kundli). The emerald you wear must not be less than two carats in size. Also its weight should be analyzed through one’s Birth horoscope.

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