There may be free calling, you can talk to any mobile number

There are so many apps that provide free Internet calling service in these days. But have you ever thought that your phone is not Internet nor the balance and you’re required to make a call.

So we let you know how you call without balance from the Internet and totally free calling to not over India in fact abroad also…

  • Wheel Company is offering free calling for some time.
  • The company which is a toll free number you can call and talk to your friends, you can free up to 3-4 minutes.
  • The number you can call on any network.
  • We tested this number.
  • During the testing: Networks Idea, Tata Docomo network 3 minutes 30 seconds of free calling.

What were the Cons

  • Voice calling Irritate the wheel is enough to add. These add up to less than 40 seconds the user is listening to.
  • Voice quality is not as good as it should be.
  • Process is full of little mess, but calling is free.

Step No. 1

Give a missed call your phone from this number 180020802080.

Step No. 2

8,061,020,900 number you will call within 30 seconds.

Step No. 3

  • On the call pickup prerecorded sound will be heard in the voice of Salman Khan.
  • The Salman Khan’s voice will ask you for your name.
  • To name his number after the voice will ask you if you want to call.
  • The numbers speak clearly.

Step No. 4

Salman Khan’s voice told you repeat the number. If the number is correct, then “right” and “wrong” to say so wrong.

Step No. 5

Right after the voice of Salman Khan your call will be connected to the number which you want to talk.

Step No. 6

When the call is connected, you will hear the wheel add. In addition, you have a call to pickup the call will hear a few seconds to add the wheel. Then your call will be connected.

Step No. 7

With this free calling service you can talk till 3 minutes after this your call will be disconnected automatically.

“The calling is so safe but it can not be guaranteed.”

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