Hand-Written letter to superstar Rajinikanth by Jayalalithaa Goes Viral

A recently unearthed letter, hand-written by Jayalalithaa herself in 1980 tells why she refused a film opposite superstar Rajinikanth

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who died on December 5 when affected by cardiopulmonary arrest was a beloved politician dearly called Amma. however before her days as political ‘Amma’ she was an acting queen, serving the general public through entertainment not service.

A recently unearthed letter, hand-written by Jayalalithaa herself has gone viral. The letter, self-addressed to ‘Piousji’ a author for the ‘Khaas Baat’ a publication house in 1980 clarifies that she wasn’t within the least troubled to form a come-back in films, as alleged by ‘Piousji’ in his article.

Jayalalithaa continues that she had turned down the starring role opposite Tamil superstar Rajinikanth in leading procuer Balalji’s film Billa (1980) that later visited actress Sri Priya as she was now not interested in a movie career.

The decision of Jayalalithaa to move faraway from cinema might need been miraculous for the individuals of tamil nadu, as she created huge strides within the political sphere throughout multiple tenures as Chief Minister and went down in history as Amma.

Here is the letter:



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