Indian hacker, this big drawback in Uber Cab, the company gave 9 lakh rupees

Indian hacker, this big drawback in Uber Cab, the company gave 9 lakh rupees

Indian hacker Anand Prakash (New Delhi) found such a weakness in the Cab Service Provider Uber, which could unlimited free ride. For this work, the company has given him Rs 9 lakh as a reward. Let’s say before that Anand has found such a big bug in Facebook. Involvement payment method can get free ride…


  • In an interview given to a news channel, Anand told that I was testing the Uber App to remove the security flaws and then I found this bug.
  • According to Anand, users can start raids by creating an account on Uber. When the ride is completed, either cash is paid or debit credit card payments.
  • But by putting an invaluable payment method, they took the free ride of Uber.

Take the permission from Uber

  • Anand got permission to demonstrate this bug with Uber.
  • Anand Prakash confirmed the ride only without payment and the booking was completed.
  • After this, the company told the company about this bug with a free Uber ride through wrong payment method in India and the US.

Facebook’s Top Hacker

  • Anand Prakash runs the web app security from Bangalore and is also a product service engineer.
  • At present, the Facebook White Hat is one of the top hackers in the bug bounty program. Facebook has so far paid more than Rs. 10 lakhs as a reward.
  • He had found a bug in Facebook where someone’s Facebook account could have been hacked by just a few clicks.
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