Khar month from today: Why did Lord Vishnu give it its name?

Mal Month is starting today (March 14, Tuesday), which will remain till April 13, Thursday. According to scriptures, Lord Purushottam has given his name to Khara (stool) month. Hence this month is also called Purushottam Mas. It is important to worship God in this month. According to scriptures, in this month, morning should rise before the sunrise, after defecation, bathing, evening etc., according to their rights should remember God and take the rules of Purushottam Mass. It is very noble to read Shrimad Bhagwat in Purushottam Mas.

In this month there should be a story of God in the places of pilgrimage, houses and temples in place. God should have a special pooja and God’s grace should be the cause of the country and the world, and the protection of the God-Brahmin and religion should be done, worshiping the charity, virtue and God while conducting fast rules etc. In relation to Purushottam Masas, it is described in scriptures.

येनाहमर्चितो भक्त्या मासेस्मिन् पुरुषोत्तमे।
धनपुत्रसुखं भुकत्वा पश्चाद् गोलोकवासभाक्।।

Yenahmarticho devotee Massimin Purushottam
Dhanputasukham Bhukta posthal Golokvasabhakha…

That is, in Purushottam month, God is very pleased by worshiping God devotedly and worshiping those God, who devotedly worship God, resides here in the Divine Golok after experiencing all kinds of pleasures.

Proforbes lets you know which Mantra of God should be chanted in the Mal Month.

Please chant this mantra, will be pleased Lord Vishnu

There are many such verses in the scriptures which are chanted in chapters, if there is a chant in the Khar month, then there is the incomparable virtue. In ancient times, Shri Kondinandya Rishi described this mantra. The description of how to chant the mantra is as follows.

कौण्डिन्येन पुरा प्रोक्तमिमं मंत्र पुन: पुन:।
जपन्मासं नयेद् भक्त्या पुरुषोत्तममाप्नुयात्।।
ध्यायेन्नवघनश्यामं द्विभुजं मुरलीधरम्।
लसत्पीतपटं रम्यं सराधं पुरुषोत्तम्।।

Kundinen Pure Praktakiman Mantra again.
Japnamas Newad Bhaktya Purushottamamapnuayat…
Dhyayyanavangshyamam bilabhajam Murlidharam
Sage Pipatapantya Ramayya Saradhan Purushottamam…

That is to say, while chanting Mantra, meditation should be done by Shrirudhaktam Lord, wearing a yellow cloth, playing the Dabhujadari flute.


गोवर्धनधरं वन्दे गोपालं गोपरूपिणम्।

गोकुलोत्सवमीशानं गोविन्दं गोपिकाप्रियम्।।

Govardandharndh Vande Gopalna Goparupinam

Gokulotsavamashanan Govindan Gopakapriam…

It is written in such scriptures that Purushottam God is attained by repeatedly chanting this mantra for one month.

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