This model is called Russian Kim Kardashian, are followed by millions


Moscow’s internet Sensation resident of Russia remains a model these days. Because her body shape, the American model and actress Kim Kardashian is like. Russia hails Kaliningrad Kvitko The model name is Anastasia, which will follow on Instagram 25 million people. Kim Kardashian said on the Compare …

Kaliningrad Kvitko Anastasia said that Kim Kardashian feels good that people are comparing me. However, there are significant differences between me and Kim. Kim’s plastic surgery, while my body is natural. Anastasia also said that the plastic surgery I do not mind, but I seldom follow the instructions that no surgery.

Please tell Anastasia 37.4 inch bust, waist and hips of 24.8 inches by 41.3 inches.

However, Kim’s 38-inch bust, waist and hips 42 inches to 26.5 inches.

Modeling agency said do lose weight

21-year-old Anastasia says that even today many modeling agencies are in touch with me, but it was not before. The first time I had contact with an agency for modeling of Miami have their associates told me to lose weight. I refused, because I was happy with my natural figure. However, now there is talk of several modeling agencies.

Anastasia said Anwar Norov first 17-year-old fashion photographer did notice them. Then I was deciding that I have modeled it.

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