Pearl Gemstone (Moti Ratan) Facts and Benefits

Pearl is known for its simplicity, purity and tenderness. It is also known as Mukta, Muktaphal, induratna and Moti. It is also found in red, pink, yellow color. They are found inside the sea snails.

Facts of Pearl

It is said that Pearl has a short life span as it gets affected by moisture and acid very easily. From ancient time, it is being used to enhance the beauty and it also symbolizes purity and innocence.

Pearl for Cancer Rashi

Pearl is the gemstone ruled by Moon. Moon rules over the sign of Cancer so it is considered auspicious for the natives of Cancer sign. The diseases that occurred due to the wrong position of Moon are cured by this gem. The pearl gemstone is a blessing to remove the ill-effects of Chandra Graha and it provides stability to the mind.

Benefits of Pearl

It helps in increasing self-confidence, memory and brain power. A person suffering from tension, anxiety is advised to wear this. It can be worn by anyone.

Benefits of Pearl in Health

It helps in providing mental relief and cure insomnia. To cure eye and pregnancy problems, it is advisable to wear pearl.

How to Wear Pearl

According to Astrologers, one must wear Pearl on Monday. Moon is lord of an auspicious house, so before wearing Pearl one must chant the Moon Mantras. Pearl in silver ring is considered very beneficial.

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