How to recognize the difference between real and fake Levis jeans?

How to recognize the difference between real and fake Levis jeans?

As we all know relationships have been forged in this beautiful world and can be false too, so why not be same with jeans?


Yet his actual experience, understanding and accurate information through all of us learn how to differentiate between genuine and fake gradually added. You, we have to differentiate between fake and genuine Ray-Ban Sunglasses have learned so far and definitely you will have to become a master also.

But do you know how to differentiate between Real and Fake Levi’s?

Yes, fake Levi’s jeans in the market you will find being sold indiscriminately and regret that you will not even realize you have bought counterfeit jeans.

Whole world have believe in that there is no harm in wearing fake Levi’s jeans, but as real for fake items to defray the costs where it makes sense?

So before your buying the genuine and fake Levi’s jeans Jeans know how to differentiate between them so that next time the real name of the shopper allow counterfeit jeans right handed.

Step -1


Check back buttons detailing

Though the quality of denim jeans to distinguish between real and fake Levi’s is the most important parameter, but also too many things we can understand the difference. One of these is the detailing of jeans. Copy it in the small detailing the real jeans can not copy. Real Levi’s Jeans Style button remains behind. It’s a classy style number 501 (501) with the carving remains well behind the buttons. Similarly, a letter or a number to a style other remains. The fake Levi’s often ignored is the detailing.

Step -2


Identifiable patch real Levi’s jeans

And he became a two-horse patch on the back of jeans (the opposite direction of the mouth of the two) to distinguish between real and fake Levi’s jeans is the best way. The patch will also get in the way, counterfeit jeans, but the patch is made up of very hard leather material and gradually built on the design becomes faded. While engaged in genuine Levi’s jeans patch material is quite soft. Another thing which you should be aware that patches of fake Levi’s jeans became a dark horse has.

Step -3


Keep focus on the marking labels

Each jeans of her own brand is marking pattern. If you see the jeans that will look at the tags on them a certain number is written. These numbers usually follow the same 501 or 511 series consists of the digits 5-7. Style number 501 or 511 points, while the jeans, the jeans numbers provide information on the other details. Besides the number of the tag patch and a small tag on the inside of the jeans live. Always keep in mind that these numbers are the same three places, the real identity of Levi’s jeans. If these numbers are different, you know what the real name of getting the fake jeans.

Step -4


Be sure to check these four letters on buttons

Genuine Levi’s jeans in her pocket and made his Shiny and stylish buttons for little is known. These things will give you a fake Levi’s jeans and copy it so that Prfektli that you can not differentiate between real-fake. But you do not bother! It is also our treatment. In fact, there is a real Levi Jeans T s is the detailing on the pockets and the buttons on the back is written LFSF. Here is the full significance of these four letters LFSF Levi’s Strauss San Francisco and all of these products you will find on Levis. So next time you go out to buy jeans Czech make sure these four letters. These four letters are the hallmarks of genuine Levi’s jeans.

Step -5


Do not ignore the red tab

Another feature of the real Levis jeans and he built on his pocket red tab. On each pair of its 100th “®” (Registered symbol) writes. So sometimes that happens and you have written this on a Levi’s is not on the other pair, you do not need to worry. But of course, you take care of one thing that is written on the left side of the cymbals always jeans. In addition, Levi’s jeans and keep in mind that when you buy a thing on the red tab by White ‘LEVI’S’ must be written.
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