Ruby Gemstone (Manikya Ratan) Facts and Benefits

Ruby is considered as a very precious jewel. It is of red color. It helps to curb the effects of Sun planet.

Facts of Ruby (Manikya)

It is believed that if anything wrong is going to happen with the holder of this gemstone, then this gemstone changes its color ultimately. Some also believe that this gemstone reduces the effect of poison also.

Ruby for Rashi

It is considered beneficial for the natives of Leo Sign.

Benefits of Ruby

Those who are influenced by the planet sun should wear Ruby. It helps the wearer from getting insulted in front of others. It strengthens the marriage relations.

Health Benefits of Ruby

It is considered very beneficial in curing heart-related diseases. It also helps to cure head ache.

How to Wear Ruby

One must wear Ruby on Sunday after chanting the Mantras for Sun. Before wearing Ruby, consider the position of Sun in your Birth Horoscope (Kundli)

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