The secret about the life of kings

The lives of kings are always subject is of great interest. Experts have found out a part of their lives.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun deformed because the crystallization of an incestuous relationship

King Tutankhamun was once powerful kings of ancient Egypt. This is the most famous pharaoh of Egypt’s pharaohs. The life and death of this pharaoh is a big mystery, attracting the attention of the world.

Tutankhamun to the throne early (she was 10 years old) and also died early (at the age of 18 or 19 years). Experts have discovered Tutankhamun laket quacua famous historical marriage between King Akhenaten inbreeding and sister. Therefore, the body of the pharaoh Tutankhamun deformed feet as a crooked, deformed hips, lower jaw juts out and there is no sign of epilepsy.

Save School – Han Dynasty King addictive voyeurism

Among the Chinese emperor, so many people have disabilities monstrous addiction. One of them is Andy Truong, Nam Han king of the Five Dynasties period.

Save The school has many whims disabilities. Those in the palace, all were brought castrated, so that recovery of the Southern Han kingdom almost Eunuch. He was very eager to sex, enjoyed intercourse with foreigners.

Once, the street he saw a woman from Persia (Iran today), he liked to put on offer. Phop legal person, lustful, solid technical back bedroom so is he favored, love is dubbed “Mi Chu” (cute pig).

Mi Chu also find 9 other lustful women bow to the king glad this, this group is called “Cross ladies shirt”. Save School brutal personality, he also has an addiction is different to copulate like to watch other people that as many people as possible.

He also referred to many scoundrels in society on supply, remove the clothing and give them sexual intercourse with the women

While other sexual disorders, Duong Quang and hugged Mi Chu’s look to get inspired.

If after the rain clouds, man “wins” will be rewarded, but if someone lost to the consequences would be severe: Duong Quang scolded him as “useless” and dragged the right castrated, that is a slight penalty, even if he was angry, it will burn or dragged prey to herd breeding tigers in the palace.

South Korean emperor Liu Zi Industrial – King of incest

Southern and Northern Dynasty is a period of dislocations in ancient China, dynasties are very brief existence, but the emperor short par everyone was eager and licentious.

Prominent among them is South Korea Emperor Liu Tong Tu Nghiep, who made the most frightening people by addiction monstrous incest. Save Death Karma is not to say that licentious sex marriage who is true.

He had a sister, Princess Son Acoustics, Department of nicknames is Jade, a beautiful, married. He shows his sister pick on supply and keep close contact, not the back.

His incest corrupt king room air both countries at the time

Brother-in-law know very resentment immediately tried to kill her brother cut dresses. Luu Nghiep Tu Ngoc closely with the Department of attempted murder of brother-in-law.

In addition to her sister, Liu Zi Industry also not spared even his aunt Princess Tan Sai. His incest corrupt king room air both countries at the time.

Do Luu Nghiep Tu female identity so immersed in grief mothers ill. Dying, she sent the women to call to visit her son, but he refused the pretext of providing Queen of ghosts. The mother was too ill himself eviscerate his knife to see why children born particles such adversity.

Later, the Save Tu Industrial henchmen had used the knife to stab him and the Department Jade died. When Luu Nghiep Tu was killed he was 17 years old, new to the throne is 1 year.

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