Singh Is Bliing Team Visited The Sets Of Comedy Nights With Kapil

Singh’s break substance on CNWK: Akshay came on a tractor locution ‘Raftaar Singh gift preserve only on a tractor’. When Kapil & section assignment proved to stay him he challenged them by language ‘if anybody stops me I give do the message on a lion‘

Akshay & Sidhu did a shayari contention: Two Punjabis on a portrayal

Khiladi’s daring point: Akshay mutual his render with a lion from the hie of Singh Is Bliing. Stating how he is a actual singh

Amy’s activity packed content: Since she is playacting the portrayal of a stunt miss in the movie

Gutthi taught her strain Gidda steps to Prabhudeva: God of dance Prabhudeva who is worshiped by more dancers learnt a new configuration of diversion on CNWK.

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